TEDDY BEAR MUSEUM – Childlike Enthusiasm At Times

PicsArt_11-24-10.50.42.jpgTeddy Bear Museum at Pattaya City, Thailand is the first and only museum in Southeast Asia. It is the new Teddy Bear Museum, which will offer all the difference happy and impression not the same as anywhere else in the world for all who visit. Enjoy with take the pictures of teddy bear, which has more than 2000. You can feel the cuteness of those Teddy fully whether to hold or hug, temperature, light and sound. I do have a childlike enthusiasm at times. I certainly enjoy life and get pleasure sometimes in childish things.

There are many highlights in the museums. Each zone will have a beautiful view for take a picture for an impressive collection especially Fairytale zone because of the large space to sit and relax, a slide for the kids to play together that can make an impression and a great experience for people who visit to our Teddy Bear Museum.
Do not wait to experience the love of those Teddy Bear at Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya.


Teddy Bear Museum is open from 09.00 am. to 22:00 pm. and closed to sell the tickets at 20.30 pm. in every day and not except for official holiday.

Show Time

Special in Saturday – Sunday, the museum will have the show of cover dance led by Captain Teddy Bear and Friends with dancers at 02.00. 03:00. 04:00 pm. in Fairytale Zone


Adult: 500 BAHT | Kids: 300 BAHT



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