TeePublic: Community of the worlds best designers

I’m inviting you all specially the Independent Artist to grab the opportunity to have a great portfolio, get a chance to sell your Artworks and make money from it without worrying about printing and shipping.

Teepublic is one of the best places to discover, support and promote t-shirt designs created by a passionate community of artists.

Below are the 6 most asked questions↓

1.How does TeePublic work? TeePublic is a curated community of the worlds best designers. Their platform enables designers to upload as many t-shirt designs as they want, create their own store and build a following without having to worry about printing or shipping. 

TeePublic offers the best prices and highest commissions of any t-shirt site on the web.

2.Why submit here? The great thing about TeePublic is that it is an open platform. Anyone can submit anything they want, as much as they want. There’s no limit to how many designs can have on the site and no limit to how much money you can make.

Most importantly, they can offer your customers a fixed price of t-shirt for $14-$20 and pay you $4 for each shirt sold. Every T-Shirt you  sold from your store design, designer get $4 commission. That’s a less expensive retail price and more money for you than anywhere else on the web.

3.What is your printing technique? Shirts on TeePublic are printed using Direct To Garment, which is a super high tech digital print technique. They have the best machines (Kornit) in the business and ensure an extremely high quality print.

4.Can anyone be a designer? Absolutely. Their design guidelines are intended for more savvy designers who are very familiar with Adobe but they also love work from less experience designers if it’s unique and looks sharp.

5.Who retains the rights to the designs I put on TeePublic and what about Exclusivity?  YOU\US designer, always retain the rights to all of our work no matter what! Anything we put on TeePublic stays yours or designer and there is no exclusivity.

6.How do I get my money? They pay all designers through monthly PayPal transfers. You will receive your commissions on the 15th of every month for all sales made in the previous month. Check Important FAQ here: TeePublic FAQ

Find the referral link below, sign-up and monetize your Artworks & let the world see how talented you are.

♥Join the Community Sign Up Here♣

Here are the  5 Featured Designers-go and visit their store & check their simple yet cool & artistic designs with reasonable price $$$. If you want be like them and interested to be part of the community please Sign Up first to validate your account, just click the referral link above ↑ dont hesitate because its FREE!. After you sign-up automatic you can upload your design and start to fit it on virtual shirt  and other stuff then choose color you want. You can put your own logo or banner for your own store/portfolio, site is super easy to use than Facebook so go and sign-up now and of-course you can also find at TeePublic the Bios Blog Shop: BioShoPeer


dmclothTheHookshot | HandsOffMyDinosaur | UnluckyDevil |Mathiole


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