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I’m a Storyteller, Believer 👆  Dreamer 👼 Achiever 🎓  Traveler ✈  Treasurer 👑💰  Artist 🎭 Model 👠 Actress 🎬🎥📺  and Chief  Blogger here @ Bios Blog

It’s been a long time since I planned to have my own blog site like online diary. I used to write a day to day Journal , Poems & Songs  when I was a kid. I’m hoping that through Bios Blog I can practice and develop more my writing skills, and of-course to share my craft to the people.

I blog  how to show up online in real and engaging ways. I write to release my true stories, how I pursue my goal, struggle, fight and survive. I’m hoping that it will help my readers learn the noble concept being as we have only one life, being grateful for what we do have and LIVE!. I want to give tips & advice  based on my personal experience, to give the right information and  to webcast  my self discoveries.

I’d love to connect with you on Personal Instagram, Bios Blog InstagramTwitterTumblrand Facebook Page. We can talk about stuff over there and I’d love to hear from you , too!


Photo by : Charvin Torne



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