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Reminder to all Contributor Writers ↓

To all Bios Peer, if you love writing, Your original piece is welcome to my site. Just make sure that it must entirely your own work, nothing copied from anywhere else. Pictures  must be excellent quality (800 x 600 px) landscape format only. Send your article or your original piece either (poem,  song, essay etc.) written in any language and use  only  your personal photos. You Can Reach Me Here!

 We agree to publish it on Bios Blog, that same article piece of work cannot be published on any other website. Who knows maybe somebody will recognize your work that will bring you on your spotlight!  ♥♥♥

It will publish  on Bios Blogger website as a Guest Post. Thank You! 

W     O     R     D    S     M      I      T      H

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

~Benjamin Franklin~